It is so hard to believe that it is September, students are back on campus and football game day is bigger than ever.  Students do still study and go to class, but you can tell that much more is happening.  We have a new President, a new Provost, new deans, and new faculty.  It’s different and the same.  I have spent a great deal of time on college campuses and the beginning of the school year never grows old.

But enough about work!  It’s Karma that might really bring you to this page.  Or perhaps not.  I don’t know what makes people find blogs and start to follow people.  I don’t really understand hashtags and Twitter and all the other social media sites.  Karma seems to be adjusting well to all the changes at home.  We have completed the remodeling on the sun room.  It now has a ceiling! The foyer painting is done and now we need to decide on window panels by the door.  I still don’t like the paint color in the hall way upstairs, but I guess I’ll live with it.  My husband and I don’t agree–I love white, white–it’s bright and light and happy.  I hate cream–it looks boring.  Now Green or Lavender or Blue is okay.  But cream!

I know Karma must agree.  If she would only let us know her favorite.  Gotta be white.  After all, if you only see in shades of white, gray and black what would be better than white!

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